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Blue Lotus Flowers (dried)

Blue Lotus Flowers (dried)

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I've been waiting for the top grade blue lotus flowers to land, and in the interim, since I've been getting so many inquiries, I've put up the industrial grade Blue Lotus Flowers that generally gets sold wholesale to people making extract or pre rolls.

The top grade Blue Lotus Flowers should be in shortly after the holidays.


The infamous Blue Lotus flower or Nymphaea caerulea!


Blue lotus flower (Nymphaea caerulea) is a psychoactive plant, also known as blue Egyptian lotus, blue water lily, and sacred blue lily. It grows in Egypt and in parts of Asia and has been heralded as a magical substance for thousands of years. 

Blue Lotus flowers are found on papyri and on the walls of tombs in ancient Egypt, and it is believed to have played a role in various entheogenic ceremonies.

The flowers are abundant with apophorine and nuciferine, each having their own unique psychoactive affect. 

It is said Blue Lotus is a heart opener. Anecdotal reports state that Blue Lotus provides a mild empathogenic experience, with mild relaxing and aphrodisiac effects. 

I am pleased to now offer raw dried blue lotus flowers! 

Any information contained on this page is for strictly informational purposes. Our Blue Lotus is sold purely for ethnobotanical interests as a burning incense. It is not meant to be ingested. We do not promote our Blue Lotus for edible purposes and withdraw ourselves of any responsibility.


**Interested in wholesale Blue Lotus Flowers? Please contact me at

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