Blue Lotus Extract Capsules 500mg (30ct)

Blue Lotus Extract Capsules 500mg (30ct)

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Introducing our newest addition: 500mg Blue Lotus Extract Capsules!

Born out of the soaring demand for our renowned Blue Lotus Extract, this offering brings convenience without compromising potency.

Crafted from the sacred Blue Lotus Flower (Nymphaea caerulea), this extract boasts a rich history steeped in mystique. Revered for its psychoactive properties since ancient times, the Blue Lotus has left an indelible mark on cultures spanning Egypt to Asia.

Please note that these capsules are not intended for direct consumption. Instead, they serve as a convenient vessel for the renowned Blue Lotus Extract, revered for its entheogenic qualities. Our Blue Lotus is sold purely for ethnobotanical interests as a burning incense. It is not meant to be ingested. We do not promote our Blue Lotus for edible purposes and withdraw ourselves of any responsibility.

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