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Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) Caps

Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) Caps

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Amanita Muscaria mushrooms are the first product that I started carrying all those years ago! The staple of our business - The Magical Amanita Muscaria Mushroom!

Likely the most iconic mushroom in the world, found from video games to Christmas tree decorations and everywhere in between. Amanita Muscaria mushrooms are known for their beautiful red color and distinguished white dots.

These bright red and orange hued caps are handpicked and dried in various regions around the world before being packaged and shipped in bulk to us here in Minnesota. We've carefully sifted through the market and only utilize vendors that provide the highest quality Fly Agarics. You can rest assured knowing you're getting the highest quality mushroom available on the market.

We package everything up with love and ship it right to you!

Shipping from the USA! Products generally arrive within 2-4 business days! 

Our Amanita muscaria caps are foraged all around the world. We have various individuals and even families that go out and collect a years worth of income in one season by foraging amanita. When you purchase amanita muscaria mushrooms from us you are supporting all of these individuals and families around the world and are pumping money into their communities.

Note: We do not ship Amanita products to Louisiana. 


Currently, we are offering Amanita Muscaria from 3 different regions; Baltic (Lithuanian) Amanita, Siberian Amanita, and Carpathian (Ukrainian) Amanita. The muscimol and ibotenic acid content in each variety is very similar, but some people find some notable differences when handling each variety. 

Baltic (Lithuanian): The Baltic Amanita muscaria seem to be energetically lighter. Again, not as in less potent, but handling them is a lighter, brighter experience. 

Siberian: The Siberian Amanita muscaria seem to be a little deeper. 

Carpathian (Ukrainian): The Carpathian Amanita muscaria seem to be a well-rounded mix between the two. I find that they enhance my creativity more than any other region.

Nordic: The Nordics feel 'powerful'. Again, not as in more potent, they just have this raw power associated with them, which is fun considering the Vikings ate Amanita from this region years ago :).

Closed Caps: The Closed Cap amanita muscaria are slightly more potent than their flat capped brothers and sisters. Ibotenic acid and muscimol production slows down as the mushroom ages, so the younger, less mature 'closed caps' generally have a higher concentration of actives than the open caps. These Amanita muscaria closed caps are a mix of all the regions.

Grade B: Grade B Amanita muscaria caps are the less aesthetic caps. They might have some sand on them, might be broken, misshapen, etc... They aren't necessarily less potent, but are less aesthetically appealing. These Grade B Amanita muscaria caps are a mix of all the regions.

These caps are dried fully and then allowed to absorb a slight amount of humidity so they don't crumble during shipping. This is a standard in this industry, and we call them 'elastics'. There is no need to dehydrate any further! 


Here is the *general* dosing guideline for amanita muscaria: 


Microdose: .2-2g

Low dose: 2-5g

Medium dose: 5-10g

Strong dose: 10-15g

Heroic dose: 15g+ 


To decarb, boil with water and lemon juice.

Warning: Our Amanita Muscaria are sold strictly educational, spiritual or research purposes and are not meant for consumption. 

*Interested in wholesale? Please contact me at

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