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Breathwork and Lucid Dreaming

Erik Casano joins the Minnesota Nice team, bringing a unique blend of breathwork and lucid dreaming expertise to complement our ethnobotanical offerings. As the founder of Aquarian Alchemy and a wellness coach, Erik is deeply versed in conscious connected breathing and emotional trauma release, skills honed under the mentorship of DP Mahesh in Haidakhan, India.

At Minnesota Nice, we recognize that the journey through altered states isn’t just limited to ethnobotanical experiences. Erik’s expertise in lucid dreaming and breathwork offers a profound way to deepen and integrate these states, enhancing awareness both in dreams and in waking life. His approach uses auto-suggestion techniques, helping clients to connect with their unconscious mind through repetitive words and visualizations, aiming for clarity and lucidity in the dream state.

Erik's dedicated page on our website not only offers access to his courses and consultation calls but also reflects our commitment to holistic wellness. His work aligns closely with our ethos at MN Nice, where we explore how natural compounds can synergistically blend with practices like breathwork to foster deeper personal growth and understanding.

We are excited to have Erik on board, underscoring our dedication to offering well-rounded wellness experiences that are both grounded in traditional practices and innovative in the integration of new modalities.