Dried Amanita Muscaria Capsules USA

Dried Amanita Muscaria Capsules USA

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I've encountered numerous instances where companies have been guilty of excessive pricing for their amanita capsules. Similarly, the market for Amanita muscaria capsules has been tarnished by unscrupulous practices and deceptive marketing. Once again, I felt compelled to take matters into my own hands.

Introducing our newest innovation: Amanita muscaria 500mg capsules!

These capsules are precisely what they sound like: gelatin capsules containing a potent 500mg dose of Amanita muscaria powder.

Experience ultimate convenience and value with these capsules, offering the most economical and straightforward approach to harnessing the benefits of Amanita muscaria.

Usage Instructions: Take 1-2 capsules every 6-8 hours, as needed. Please adhere to a maximum of 8 capsules within a 24-hour period.

*Laboratory results will be available soon. Rest assured, these 500mg Amanita Muscaria capsules are equivalent to purchasing Amanita muscaria powder separately and encapsulating 500mg yourself.

**Exciting new packaging is on its way! Prepare to be amazed as we unveil a completely fresh brand that embraces the essence of "MN Nice." Look out for our products in stores nationwide! Stay tuned for the launch of 'Amanita Nice.'

***Please note that our Amanita muscaria capsules have not been evaluated by the FDA. Consult with your doctor prior to using them. These capsules are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery after consumption. Keep them out of the reach of children.