Entada Rheedii Seeds

Entada Rheedii Seeds

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Entada Rheedii seeds are renowned as good-luck charms and dream enhancers. 

Native to Africa, these massive seeds have found themselves transported all over the world. Due to their thick shells, they are able to withstand extended periods of time being transported around the world by ocean currents. 

Traditionally, the seeds would be kept on the person or made into jewelry as a good-luck charm. I keep one in my car and one in my travel bag. As a good-luck charm, they make wonderful gifts!

But good energy and good luck isn't all they're good for. In Africa, the meat of the seeds would be consumed prior to bed to induce vivid dreams, lucid dreams, and forge a deeper connection with the spirit world. African natives will also grind up the meat of the seeds and mix with tobacco or other herbs to smoke prior to bed for their much sought-after dream enhancing effects. 

I made sure to find the largest and best seeds I possibly could, and these particular seeds are HUGE!

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