San Pedro Cactus Powder Incense

San Pedro Cactus Powder Incense

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San Pedro cactus is one of the most renowned visionary plants on the planet. Native to the Andes mountains, and used traditionally by the Andean culture, San Pedro gets its name from Saint Peter, because like Saint Peter, San Pedro provides access to the realm of the divine. Used for thousands of years in magical rites, to spark divination, to connect with the divine and experience transcendental states of consciousness, this is truly a remarkable and powerful plant teacher. 

San Pedro contains mescaline, the same chemical that is found in the Southwestern cactus Peyote, that has been used for millennia by Native American cultures, as well as a slew of other phenethylamines. 

This powder contains only the flesh of the San Pedro cactus, which is rich with the most alkaloids, and no core or spines. 

I am very happy to offer one of the most powerful plant teachers this world has to offer. 


Warning: This product is strictly sold for historical research purposes, or for an additive to cosmetic products and is strictly not for human consumption.