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MN Nice Ethnobotanicals

MN Nice Sticks! (Pre Rolls)

MN Nice Sticks! (Pre Rolls)

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Introducing, MN Nice Sticks!

Our MN Nice Sticks are hand packed pre rolls made right here in Minnesota. 

We currently offer two types of Nice Sticks:


Amanita Nice Sticks: packed with Amanita Muscaria, Blue Lotus, and Mullein, these provide a lovely relaxing smoke. The Blue Lotus really compliments the Amanita, with a small amount of Mullein to aid in the overall smoke. A really nice mix with a really nice balanced flavor. 


Wild Dagga Nice Sticks: packed with Wild Dagga, Blue Lotus, and Mullein, these are as soothing as they are tasty! A nice, well-rounded smoke, with a calm relaxation makes this one of our favorite blends here at MN Nice.


MN Nice sticks are truly MN Nice :) 


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