Wholesale Amanita Muscaria in the USA

Products we wholesale: Amanita muscaria gummies, Amanita muscaria capsules, Amanita Nice Gourmet Amanita muscaria Chocolate Bars (branded or white label), Amanita muscaria whole caps, Amanita muscaria powder, Amanita pantherina whole caps, Amanita pantherina powder, Amanita regalis whole caps, Blue lotus extract, Blue lotus flowers, Klip dagga, Caleazacatechichi extract, and Kava extract :) 


Looking for wholesale quantities? 

Amanita is a finite product. Since they grow in symbiosis with tree roots, they can't be grown/farmed (or at least, it's not known how to yet), so they must be foraged. I've been growing this business for a while, and now work with most all of the large amanita muscaria harvesters and distributors across the world, as well as many small ones. 

There are some nice advantages to using me. I'll take care of all the shipping overseas; You wouldn't have to worry about any packages getting lost and being out any money, dealing with customs, or providing multiple addresses for large orders. Once I ship it, it will arrive within 2-5 business days, instead of taking weeks or months with oversea shipping.

I am able to supply virtually any quantity of Amanita Muscaria in the USA at very competitive prices. 

I am always around for questions or to chat on the phone with my wholesale clients. This is a budding industry and it's important to forge relationships with the people we are intending to work with, so my phone is always open for calls and questions. 

If you're interested in wholesale Amanita Muscaria, please reach out to me via the contact form below or by email at RCRasmussen90@gmail.com


- Christian Rasmussen