About Our Amanita Muscaria Shop In USA

Who's behind the scenes?

I’m just a Nice Minnesotan trying to show the world what MN Nice is all about.

My name is Christian Rasmussen. I started this business to supply affordable CBD to the world after finding out how expensive it was to sustain the doses I needed for relief. I felt that it wasn’t right for companies to charge so much money for a natural product that cost considerably less to manufacture, so I did something about it, and opened MN Nice Botanicals in Oct of 2019. During this time, I met Amanita Dreamer, and we began working together. When she asked me if I would be willing to get into the Amanita business as an ethical, reliable, stateside vendor, I delightfully accepted, and MN Nice Ethnobotanicals was formed. Since then, I have slowly expanded and began supplying other ethnobotanical herbs and plants. I absolutely love this business and helping all you beautiful people.

I’ve always been fascinated with plant teachers. When I was younger, 13-14, I had this strange draw to the Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria) mushroom. Something told me that they would play a large role in my life. As I developed through the years and began experimenting more with ethnobotanicals, this feeling only grew stronger. As I was building the CBD business, I was also going through a grueling benzodiazepine withdrawal. In 2019 I found some Amanita Muscaria var. Guessowii growing at my parents’ house. There was an extremely strong allure, and I decided to pick them and begin researching. That’s when I found Amanita Dreamer. Nothing has been the same since then. Amanita Muscaria changed my life, and I will forever be grateful to the mushroom and Amanita Dreamer for supplying me with the necessary information to further this curiosity.

I offer other ethnobotanical plants that have been of keen interest to me, and I hope to always be expanding my product line to offer you the most intriguing and beneficial ethnobotanicals Gaia has to offer.

I hope to share with you a little MN Nice, and to help you in your journey of reconnection and self-discovery.

-Christian Rasmussen