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Silene Capensis (Silene Undulata/African Dream Root)

Silene Capensis (Silene Undulata/African Dream Root)

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Silene Capensis, otherwise known as Silene Undulata or African Dream Root, is a plant native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Silene Capensis is used by the Xhosa shamans as an oneirogen (dream enhancer) and induces incredibly vivid and often times lucid dreams.  

Traditionally, the Xhosa shamans would mix 100-500mg of the powdered dream root with water and stir vigorously until a froth formed atop the water. This froth was drunk in the morning. No effects were felt during the day, but come nighttime, the shamans would enter into fantastically vivid and colorful dreamscapes, gaining knowledge and wisdom from their ancestors and other worldly beings. 

Many modern day, western users of Silene Capensis, find that chewing on 100-200mg of the root for 20 minutes in the morning gives them the wonderfully enhanced dreams they are looking for. Users tend to note that the effects build each day they chew on the root. 

For more information on Silene Capensis, please visit African Dream Root: Compounds, Effects, Downsides, and More (


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