Mushroom Amanita For Sale USA

The Amanita mushroom is a member of the fungi kingdom and is classified as a toadstool. This type of mushroom is one of the most recognizable, due to its distinct appearance. The Amanita mushroom typically has a red cap with white spots, and a white stalk. In some Native American cultures, the Amanita mushroom is thought to be a sacred plant. It is used in vision quests and is said to promote communication with the spirit world. The Amanita mushroom is also used in some Buddhist and Hindu practices.

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Note: Our Amanita's are dried at 100 degrees F, meaning proper decarboxylation has not occurred yet.

Warning: Our Amanita Muscaria are sold strictly for historical or ornamental interest, or for infusions into topical products, and are not meant for human consumption.